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Why choose Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists (PTs) are licensed health care providers who are consulted for a variety of reasons.  At Leitner Physical Therapy, our focus is on healing the neuromusculskeletal and myofacial systems.  We address conditions that limit range of motion / flexibility and identify muscle imbalances and postural weakness that result from biomechanical compensations and disuse.  Pain, both chronic and acute, from injury, trauma, overuse, surgery or systemic inflammatory diseases like arthritis respond to a well designed therapeutic treatment plan in addition to traditional and non traditional approaches to pain management.

The ultimate goal of all therapy programs is to educate you about your condition, restore function, relieve pain and eliminate disability. This includes but is not limited to things like independence in performing daily activities and enhancing performance in sports and leisure activities.  In many cases, Physical Therapists provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery.  In addition, Physical Therapists assist in managing or eliminating pain while minimizing long term dependence on prescription medications.  After a thorough evaluation, you will be provided with a treatment plan specific to your problem or concern.

Here at Leitner Physical Therapy, we address these problems with specific therapeutic exercise and fitness programs, orthopedic manual therapy and instruction in self care techniques.  Home programs are part of every treatment plan, empowering you to take control of your well being.  Home programs may utilize stability balls, foam rollers, resistance bands, self fascial release tools and other functional training tools that allow you to perform your exercise program well after discharge from therapy.

Dr Leitner frequently works with fitness trainers, Pilates teachers and yoga instructors to integrate leading-edge approaches into her treatments with the ultimate goal of your total body wellness.